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Hunters Classic Car Transportation Hunters Classic Car Transportation

Robin and Jacki Hunter welcome you to our car transportation website.

Established July 1999, Hunters Car Transportation has specialised in vintage and classic vehicle transportation for nearly 20 years.

As our title suggests, we are prepared to transport your car to and from anywhere in the UK mainland and our charges will be based on the mileage involved.

We aim to offer you a personal 'one to one' service collecting and delivering your car with the minimum of fuss.  Any 'Joey' can always be the cheapest, and if that's what you're looking for please try one of the internet 'dutch auction' sites. We aim to distance ourselves from this type of environment but still provide you with excellent value for money.

We know that it can be difficult to compete with the market leaders with their multi-car transporters but your car will still be delivered to its destination safely, it begs the question if they can compete with us for time flexibility, personal attention and with difficult access areas.

Areas of Operation

We manage to get to most areas monthly, for example in the last 12 months we have managed 8 trips to Scotland and 10 to Devon.  We are always looking for 'return loads' which can work out cheaper for you if you are prepared to be flexible and we also welcome enquiries from overseas for any UK work.  We do not go outside the UK ourselves due to family commitments but have built up established contacts with people we trust who do.

We are based in South Lincolnshire, within a couple of miles of both the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire county boundaries so are particularly competitive for anything in these counties but are equally prepared to travel any distance should you require us to do so. Please bear in mind that travelling long distances empty makes us less competitive and there may well be somebody nearer to you who can complete the job for less because they will be travelling a shorter distance. However this is not always the case so please don't let this put you off asking for a quotation. We will accept payment by cash, bank transfer or even a cheque if pre-cleared.

Important Considerations

You may feel that you could hire a trailer and do the job cheaper yourself ~ and of course you can ~ but may I remind you of one or two of the pitfalls involved:

• Are you an experienced tower ?

• Do you have the correct license

• Do you have the correct sized vehicle to tow with ?

• Do you know how to strap a car down correctly ?

• How much (inc VAT) is a trailer to hire ? (+ deposit etc)

• How far do you have to travel to collect the trailer & remember you have to take it back too.

• How long will it take you ?  Will one day be enough ?

• Don't forget to add the money you would loose taking time off etc

• Have you got the correct tie down straps ?

• Will you be properly insured ?

It works out cheaper to paint your home yourself but their are thousands of decorators employed everyday.

Taking all this into consideration perhaps our quote isn't so bad after all!  

We can carry your car in three ways:

• Beavertailed Transporter:

Our single car Mercedes Sprinter will carry (due to licencing regulations) small cars only weighing upto 1200kgs, regretfully this vehicle is no longer compliant with the latest LEZ regulations so cannot enter inside the London Emission Zone without being subject to the Government's £100 per day surcharge, please ask for details.

• Open Trailer:

Our Bateson PT66 Tri-axle trailer can legally carry up to 2500kg when towed behind our Land Rover Discovery. It's 18ft x 7ft deck can accommodate most vehicles so this is what we recommend for the larger/heavier cars.

• Covered Trailer:

A Brian James TT trailer, again it's tri-axle allows it to carry upto 2500kgs but is restricted by the width length and height of the car to fit inside, ideal for any customers with prestige or concours cars.

The Landrover Discovery we tow with is fitted with a fully calibrated tachograph to adhere to the required DVSA regulations and fully compliant to enter the London LEZ area. For added security our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking devices and GPS sat-nav now makes directions etc often unnecessary.

We have transported many different types of cars, over 4700 now in 19 years, please scroll through our gallery and spot your favourite. In it we are trying to show you a wide example as we don't want to appear unapproachable whatever your car, we cater for anything from small Austin restoration projects to Prestige Bentleys or Lagondas including occasional 3 wheeler or motorcycle combinations.

We are comprehensively insured for any vehicle in our "care or custody" up to the value of £250,000.

We specialise in transporting vintage and classic cars, motorcycles and automobilia because that is where our own interest lies. Our customers are mainly private individuals but we also cater for auctions houses - deceased estates - overseas clients - imported cars - unregistered vehicles - kit car enthusiasts - race & rally cars and particularly persons moving home to whom we offer a special deal. We often work for garages and other specialists such as restorers, trimmers and coachbuilders who would rather concentrate on their own subject than worry about the transport. Whatever your reason for wanting a vehicle moved you will be treated with the same priority, I'm sure we can provide you with references should you require them.

Whatever your requirements, large or small, should you be seeking an estimate for a particular job or just a general enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation free quotation. We have computer software which allows us to calculate accurately the distances involved for any journey so we can give you a firm price before you engage us to do the work for you. The only extra on top would be any toll charges we encounter on your journey as we do not charge you VAT.

Hunters Car Transportation Hunters Car Transportation Hunters Car Transportation Hunters Car Transportation

Welcome to Hunters Car Transportation Services

Specialists in vintage classic car, motorcycle & automobilie transportation across the UK mainland.

Comprehensive insurance up to the value of £250,000.