Moving house?

We can offer house movers this special deal. We can collect your car(s) say two weeks prior to your moving date, store them in our barn and then deliver them to your new home two weeks after your move is completed.

This four week storage will be free but a small charge will have to be made if you require longer, insurance for this storage period will be your own responsibility.

Here are a some of the benefits gained by following this route:

• It will free up your garage space for the packing/unpacking and short term storage of boxes/furniture.
• It will allow you to concentrate on your move without worrying over your car(s).
• You will not be dicing with removal vans and staff on the same day as loadingcars.
• It allows you peace of mind.
• You will only be paying for the milage.

Our secure barn is situated some 300 foot from the road behind our house down a single track lane.

Please do not hesitate to phone for a quote for this service, we will be pleased to help or answer any of your questions.