Legal Stuff

We do not wish to appear as ‘know it all’ but mearly wish to make you aware before you make your choice as to who will transport your car.

Hours & Weights

Many smaller one car transporters are limited to a gross weight of 3.5 tons, most of these vehicles (including ours) will weigh over 2 tons unladen so this means that they will be only capable of carrying a small car weighing up to 1.25 tons. To operate legally over these weights will require an additional licence.  We have chosen not to apply for this licence due to increased overheads it brings with it.  Many small car transport companies also run a truck on a ‘recovery’ licence which they believe excludes them from Tachograph regulations, this is WRONG, as a ‘recovery’ licence will limit them to a 62 mile radius of their base.  The law also states that a ‘recovery’ is the uplift of a vehicle in distress from the roadside to a place of safety any other journeys are deemed as transport.

Because of these regulations we have chosen to run a Land Rover & trailer type unit as well as our truck.  Our Land Rover is fully compliant with the Tachograph law as well as being capable of carrying larger cars weighing up to approximately 2.25 tons on the trailer.  Please ask if you are unsure and we will be pleased to discuss the finer details with you. Depending on the weight will depend on which of our vehicles we will carry your car on.

Current Tachograph regulations limit the driver to 9 hours driving per day, can your journey be completed in this time?

The authorities will only be too pleased to catch out anyone for exceeding weights or driving hours and this could result in the vehicle being impounded.